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There Are Benefits to Estate Planning, No Matter Your Wealth

When you think about estate planning you probably think about legacy-style families like the Kennedy’s or people who are “wealthy”. However, each of us have an estate according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and each state we live in. No matter your worth, we recommend having an estate strategy to align with your future wishes after you pass away.

​January 2019 Chicago Fed National Activity Index

Economic growth slowed in January 2019 according to the latest data from the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI).  This index of 85 components dipped to minus 0.43 from after hitting +0.05 in December 2018.  Since this indicator moves quite a bit each month, Atlas pay attention to the three-month moving average; it fell to 0.0 (a reading which indicates moderate growth) from 0

Ways to de-stress your tax filing

As you probably know, Washington had the longest government shutdown in history earlier this year.  During the shutdown, the IRS operated with only 12% of its staff.  That means the IRS has a lot to catch up on, including answering questions, preparing reports, processing returns, and distributing refunds.

Why Financial Advisors Are Still Important

With the rise in popularity of financial planning robo-advisors, many experts predicted the beginning of the end for financial advisors. But as many investors are starting to see, there are distinct advantages to speaking with a live person when determining just how you should invest your money.

The A, B, C, and D of Medicare

Chicago Fed National Activity Index Dec 2018

Tracking economic output has been difficult lately since so many indicators are measured by various government entities.  Even though the government shutdown is over, there are large gaps in data.

November 2018 Chicago Fed National Activity Index


Unsolicited Offer to Acquire Your Company: A Faustian Bargain?

In the world of integrated payments and SaaS, acquirers abound and high-quality assets are hard to find. And as we head into 2019, all signs point to the continuation of a robust sellers’ market.

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