Executive Compensation Planning

Executive Compensation Planning

Executive Compensation Planning

Ex_Compensation_Large.jpgCompensation for critical employees can involve a tax-wise combination of salary, incentives and benefits to keep them motivated and committed and to satisfy their financial objectives. The team at Jack B. Turner & Associates is up-to-date on the changing regulatory environment and can design and implement creative compensation packages for your selected key employees.


Our specialists will present customized, creative incentive options for your executives, including annual bonus plans and a variety of cash-based and equity-based long-term arrangements.


With a split dollar life insurance program, you have the flexibility to choose specific key employees to include in the program. We can help you evaluate the benefits, risks and costs to your business of such a program and work with your legal and accounting consultants to answer your tax and legal questions.


Deferred compensation can be used to provide additional retirement security to key employees in order to retain the talent that is critical to your company’s success. Let us help you plan an appropriate strategy.

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