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Business Services

Jack B. Turner & Associates is your source for business planning solutions. Our business planning advisors welcome the chance to work with you and your team of accounting and legal professionals to develop comprehensive, creative financial solutions for your business. We can help with all your business planning needs.

Employee Benefits

Your benefits package can be an important tool in attracting and retaining employees. The benefits package you offer can help your company maximize tax-deductible corporate expenses, and the security provided through benefits can help improve employee productivity and morale.

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Retirement Plans

Planning for retirement is a concern among employees today, and a good retirement plan can be one of the most important benefits you offer. We’ll help ensure your plan’s design works for the demographics of your workforce and keeps pace with changes in tax laws and your company’s needs.

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Business Continuity Planning

Continuation planning is important to ensure the longevity of your business. The retirement, incapacitation, or death of a partner or key person could derail or even destroy the business you have worked hard to build. There are a variety of insurance-funded arrangements to provide for continued operations and protect against financial loss.

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Executive Compensation Planning

Compensation for critical employees can involve a tax-wise combination of salary, incentives and benefits to keep them motivated and committed and to satisfy their financial objectives. The team at Jack B. Turner & Associates is up-to-date on the changing regulatory environment and can design and implement creative compensation packages for your selected key employees.

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Business Insurance

The states mandate business insurance coverage such as worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, state disability insurance, and coverage for certain business activities.

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